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This image is NOT designed to desensitize

I respectfully disagree - this image is NOT designed to "desensitize" but rather to AWAKEN people to how being groped by the government is NOT a "normal and acceptable action."

Did you actually watch the video? It's message is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you are claiming. Time and time again we've seen the media take a small "sound bite" of Ron Paul's beliefs and use it out of context to distort his message. That is what you are doing when you take this one image and apply it to the entire video. The video has a very important story about truth, the erosion of our liberties, and the hope of Ron Paul. This one image out of context is startling, but not representative of the entire work.

That said, if this four plus minute video is being judged based on this one second snapshot, someone should consider switching out this picture ASAP and put something "non-threatening" there instead so people will actually click on it and watch it with an open mind.