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I composed our first letter of suggestions to Dr. Paul, one of the members here (sorry I forget who) made the profound point that "TRUST=POWER" in this race.

I not only included that in the letter, but reaffirmed it when I got to visit with Dr. Paul and staff in New Orleans.

I think you'd surprised at how we've impacted the race, and helped craft the message over the last several months.
They have done a stellar job for the most part.

This is basically what it comes down to is "trust."

You want REAL change, or do you want more of the same?

Selling/communicating the message of liberty and limited Govt. in a society that has strayed SO far off of the beaten path, is a challenge for ALL of us.
Competing with a corrupt hostile media empire is even MORE challenging.

We will continue to refine and sharpen the message in a way that hopefully most can understand. There is still much work to do.