Comment: Stronger now the #1 Rated item in music on Amazon

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Stronger now the #1 Rated item in music on Amazon

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For the record, when this thread was first posted last Thursday (12/29) there were about 50 reviews (CD was released in October). There are now 389 reviews, almost all positive and 95% thanking her for her support of Ron Paul.

That should certainly put articles like this one to rest which questions where her new found support is coming from:

Kelly Clarkson sees sales pick up following Ron Paul endorsement

Clip from Entertainment Weekly

But before everybody jumps to the conclusion that there’s some sort of grassroots campaign by Paul’s followers to elevate Clarkson’s chart status, there are a number of issues that could be at play here. As stated before, it’s uncertain exactly how much of a sales increase is necessary to make the jumps that Stronger did, so the actual figures could be relatively insignificant all told.

And those sales might not be from Paul supporters looking to hitch their wagons to a star; rather, it could simply be people cashing in the gift cards in their Christmas stockings or finding replacement albums for all the duplicate copies of Adele’s 21 that their aunts gave them.

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