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Ron Paul Can win

The New Hampshire polls are somewhat misleading. I don't believe the Public Policy Polling is intended to make them misleading but some of the data if not properly assessed could demonstrate a false reality. Public Policy Polling I believe is a very ethical organization because they demonstrate many different factors correlating to the ideology of the voter being questioned.
If you take a look at the New Hampshire Polls Ron Paul is at a steady second with 21% of the vote. Mitt Romney looks like a way more popular candidate with 36% of the overall vote. A major theme I have noticed throughout the majority of polls whether Iowa or New Hampshire is that Ron Paul seems to possess anywhere from 42-46% of votes from voters between the age of 18-44 years old. After that besides veterans Paul starts to slump. So Ron Paul's actual support in New Hampshire can only be determined by how many registered Republicans are between the ages of 18-44 years old.

We can attribute the same method to the Iowa Polls and Ron Paul's percentage is directly correlated to the number of 18-44 year old. We can see in almost every poll to be about or around 42-46%. Voters 18-44 years old gives him a distinct advantage. Remember this is primarily to demonstrate the strong support not being shown in the polls. The actual Caucus might demonstrate Ron Paul has 65-75% of voters 18-44 years old.