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Comment: Sounds like you need to shake the neocon out of your underware

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Sounds like you need to shake the neocon out of your underware

So..if a candidate supports freedom for everyone, and that includes smoking a perfectly natural substance that grows in ditches...then I should avoid that by any means?

What is your important issue? I bet there is a group that I can bring up that would be against it. Marijuana is not "polarizing" fact a majority of Americans believe it should be de-criminalized if not legalized. The minority are the neo-cons that you hang out with. If smoking a little doobage for medicinal reasons, or just for the fuck of it, would make someone vote for more war, debt, and death then so be it.

Do you honestly think that people put hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths and trillions of dollars worth of debt as simply a side note to not having the personal freedom to smoke a joint? If those same neo-con asshats that you hang out with, that probably claim to be against marijuana for "Biblical" reasons actually read their Bible for themselves..then there wouldn't be any issue. The Bible speaks clearly about what God put here and why.

Marijuana is not divisive...if you don't like it then go to the other porch. There are much more important things going on than someone smoking a ditchweed.