Comment: Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

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Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Apparently several people, actually nearly half of the posters in this thread have forgotten a wise old saying: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth." In case any of you don't understand exactly what that means, please see my post below entitled "Gift Horse."

How does the "Gift Horse" saying apply here you might ask? This leader, Lisa Miller, is our "gift horse." We didn't recruit this person, the heavy lifting was done for us by the TSA and the screw-ups in government who support the loss of liberty. Therefore, she is in fact a "gift horse." And here many of you are, effectively yanking her mouth open by criticizing her late entry into the fight, her grammar, her leadership and whatever else the shortsighted naysayers have found to criticize her about and place in the comments here.

I'm especially miffed about the grammatical criticism. Whenever someone criticizes my grammar or spelling in a debate, I always slam them with the saying, "yeah right, criticize my spelling, truly the last refuge of a scoundrel, cause you ain't got no game" (and the deliberate grammatical error in "'cause you ain't got no game" is just another jolt of electricity I jab into their snarky little mindset). It truly is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Maybe you naysayers all laid into her because she took too long to "see the light" as it were. Or maybe you have an inferiority complex and making a post as unwise as the ones made here makes you all feel better? But to pick on a person who is not a professional PR type, but a lay person who had the courage to step up and take the "reigns" (pun intended) is shortsighted. When she grabbed those reigns she prevented the fledgling tea party, in one of the nastiest regions to form one, from galloping (lol) headlong into a ditch and to pick on someone that honorable is lower than whale dung. If the second reason was what you were after,making yourself feel better, do you really feel better now? I hope this message wipes that feeling out of your snarky little brains with a vengeance. Who knows for sure what your reasoning really is, only you can provide that info.

In any case, bashing her upside the head in a public forum?? Not to bright you misguided Einsteins. Where does any self-respecting, newbee paul-bot find the bestest (and if you slam me for that, I'll break it off in ya), latest and greatest news and info? The DP, that's where (thank you Michael Nystrom). And when she gets here, what does she see? She see's this kinda crap from you naysayers, thereby confirming all the B.S. out there about how Ron Paul supporters are a bunch of ungrateful, whiny, rude crybabies. Smooth move ex-lax.

To correct this colossal blunder you naysayers have just made, I strongly suggest you all retract your posts before our new ally from the DC tea party spots them. This is easy to do if no one has replied, you just click on edit and start holding down the delete key. You can even edit the title if it would be offensive to our new gift. Otherwise get a mod to assist you in removing it.

Back to grammer, if you really DO care about what that statement looks like on the Ron Paul 2012 site, you should contact her personally (or RP 2012) and give gentle, constructive advice and see if she can get her submission to the site edited.

Now go see if you can fix your screw ups. Also, check up on your critical thinking skills because leaving posts out here like the ones you naysayers made for our newbee to see leaves me in serious doubt as to their condition. Did I get my "their" correct in the previous sentence? Sheesh...

How big of a gift do we risk losing if she sees this? Lisa Miller is what we in the John Birch Society (when I was still a member and chapter leader) call an "opinion molder." Another saying to describe it is that she is a "force multiplier." She has the ears, minds and hearts of every member of the DC tea party. I'm fairly certain of this because why would someone join an organization with a leader they hate? Now, all those members know people who are not members. They may have friends and relatives scattered all throughout the U.S.A. And all of those people in turn have friends and relatives so the potential to pick up supporters from this conversion is nearly limitless.

Again, I'd like to bring us back to critical thinking skills. When I first read the comments on grammar, I was miffed just because I find it distasteful. But my very next thought was "Oh no, she's a Paulinista now and what if she sees this?" This is what I mean by deep critical thinking. My hope is that all the naysayers in this thread give this concept a try before applying your fingers to a freakin keyboard in the future. What has been demonstrated here by quite a few posts in this thread indicates to me that this area, for many of you, needs work.


Paul C. Hanson