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Please read my post again.

Especially the part about the last refuge of a scoundrel and then apply it to yourself. I bet you though that was funny huh? Nailing me for a typo right after I ranted about how despicable that crap is. I'm not laughing.

Not that I even need to defend myself here but I frequently have to pick up this keyboard and twist it to loosen the keys because they don't depress well. This is especially true when I type double letters because they are 2 quick keystrokes in a row and many times the second is missed. The spell check misses that particular one because it is a viable word.

I find myself using this keyboard more often than I like due to recent open heart surgery to replace a congenital aortic valve problem. I got used to using it when I was stuck here on the couch for 6 weeks. Trust me I'd rather use my logitech G-15 hardwired gamer but since I got used to this and was here in the living room on my media PC I decided to type it here. This wireless one needs help.

I bet ya your snarky comment doesn't feel so cool anymore eh? Picking on someone 9 weeks out of open heart surgery that had a 1 in 20 chance of dying on the table alone, let alone complications due to stroke from an artificial valve. Of course you couldn't possibly have known all this ahead of time, but you may have thought about the conditions under which other posters on here suffer. Again, this brings me back to the subject of deep critical thinking. Yours skills in this area may need some work.