Comment: Santorum (Conservative or Liberal)

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Santorum (Conservative or Liberal)

Ron Paul calls Santorum a liberal and it shocks people. It is like calling a military man unpatriotic. In the mind of Rick Santorum he is conservative--this is his cherished self-image. For Ron Paul to challenge his identity in this way is going to provoke a huge reaction--and I for one welcome it.

Rick is the heart and soul of this self-righteous and hypocritical Republican establishment. If this were a race between only Santorum and Paul, the choose would be clear: A) a liberal who think his fundamentalist morality makes him a conservative, or B) a libertarian who believes the Golden rule applies to how treat both other people and how we should treat other nations. This would be a real test of the true morality of the republican voters.

I have observed that many democrats cling to their self-image as "liberals" (but can behave in a very conservative fashion when their ideas are challenged). It is all about self-image as it relate to morality. If you are pro-gay rights, you are a liberal? If you against gay-rights you are conservative? (or so the thinking goes) ... but Ron Paul side steps this moral debate and places his focus on the economic issues. This places Rick Santorum (Mr. Morality) in the liberal camp... Good job Dr. Paul, now we can let the voter decide if they want a real conservative or one who is just a little pompous pretender.