Comment: you absolutely destroyed that

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you absolutely destroyed that

you absolutely destroyed that man, brought up points and he agreed with almost everything you said then somehow claimed he also didnt agree with it. he actually said "we don't always do everything right but does that mean we shouldnt do anything" first off we havent done anything right for about a century now at least and yeah lets try doing nothing for awhile and just talk and trade with people. I love how this pro war people say that as soon as we abandon military imperialism that some other country is gonna step up the very next day and take our place as the rulers of the world. newsflash Todd no one has a military that big to accomplish the task for one, and two we took over the world through subtle financial tactics, no country in the world has yet to become dominant through pure militarism and conquering. on a final note anyone else getting tired of guys named TODD....its just a goofy fuckin name lmao