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So often honest principled folks are caught off guard by the sheer petty and cheap ways in which the dishonest are willing to sell their souls.

There was a joke going around in Alaska after the political scandals there a few years ago: if your average Alaskan knew they could buy a congressman for the cost of a battered Subaru, a lot more of us would have been in the market. The sheer low-brow, low-income quality of the sleaze makes one shudder. What I took away from observing how the AK corruption went down was to note that the old adage of follow-the-money doesn't always hold water.

Lots of folks are willing to sell out just to feel important, necessary -- significant. Perhaps just as valid as follow-the-money is follow-the-weak-of-character.

spacehabits, do not feel ashamed in missing the underhanded tactics of the shameless. They will get the upper hand sometimes, a lot of the times. And they may sleep better. But they're using pills to get the job done. Rest easy, it's your deserved honor.

From a Paul supporter in a very late primary state, let me thank you and your wife for your work, dedication, and heartache. And thanks for delivering a precinct to Paul!