Comment: Lesson learned from our precinct

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Lesson learned from our precinct

The precinct chair had the 6 candidate rep hand out the "ballots". These ballots were the square paper left from the stickers one gets after registering--sticker saying something like "my vote counted".

When I passed out these blank (no-sticker) "tabs", for the sake of efficiency, I just trusted that people seated were eligible to vote. When someone called out for more tabs, I obliged, trustingly.

Caucus chair did specify that we should check for eligibility by checking if a person had a "my vote counted" sticker. Oddly, some people did not stick their stickers on their chest and still had them on their "tabs"

People voted by writing on the back of the tabs the candidate they are voting for.

The tabs were again collected by the 6 reps. Then we counted them in front on a table double checking the names written on those tabs. I noticed that some of the tab(s) still had stickers on them! (anomalous) Could these be extra tabs from those people who had not thrown away their sticker tabs in addition to the blank tabs we handed out. There was no vetting total registered versus total voted.

One tab I know came in with no name, which was fine, since the person found no one desirable. However, at the end of the count, we cannot find that empty tab!

The way we counted was we vetted the names and sorted them in piles and double counted each pile.

In summary these are the things I think we could improve:
1. hand out ballots/tabs one at a time and don't try to save time. Check each person's sticker and demand that they give u their tabs, if that was the system in your precinct before you give them a blank one.

2. Disqualify any tab with a sticker still on them.

3. clearly sort people out that were non-voting vs the voters. In our case, there were 6 of us handing it out so things were not strictly under control. The chairman delegated tasks to us and I don't doubt his integrity but the execution of it can be analyzed and hopefully improved.

4. One or more of the representative should just standby and strictly observe. We were all eager beaver wanting to help and get involved. Is that why there is a role for observers?

5. Do not rush, even if you know people may be annoyed just a little bit. Integrity is more important than efficiency to avoid anomalies.

6. Then again there are those 2 delegate forms ("county" and "district and state") that no had a lot of empty rows that if crooked, some one in the echelon can start populating with names of partisans.