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Anyone can speak

Anyone is allowed to speak on behalf of the candidates. The Ron Paul campaign had some of the "Christmas with Ron Paul" students speak in precincts where there wasn't a resident volunteer.

I was also a first time caucus chair. Luckily the people in my small precinct were very nice and (as far as I know) honest. It is not an easy thing to manage, though. You and your wife did a great service and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Remember, if any of them weren't on your list but they can show that they have a home in your precinct, they could have registered at the door and you would have had to let them vote anyway. And if they really wanted to, Roberta could have attested that Blue Blazer lived in the precinct, or with her, and could have gotten him registered at the door as well. So don't beat yourself up.

That being said, voter fraud of any type is a reason to be angry. It is a serious crime and while an instance like this may not have any real impact on the results of a caucus, that does not make it any less despicable. The people with whom we caucus are our neighbors, and when people commit voter fraud, they violate not only the law, but the trust that should exist among members of the same community.