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You did great : in my book, that definitely should be your pride

Dear Spacehabitats,

Oh yes, it's great service you're doing to your country and your people by sharing this story.

You see, I'm not even a US citizen (yet) and sadly can't vote for a gentilhomme like Ron Paul who *does* love and *really* care for his country by never surrendering and shouting the truth to his people as long as he can. Also, as an ever busy software engineer, permanent resident "alien" supporting (humbly but proud of it) the country thru his taxes, true, I'm one of those who can't really complain usually because so busy working to sustain his own american family : dear wife, my 2yr old son here, my step kids, alone thanks to his loved work. I don't even mind about paying income taxes I besides know Ron rightfully claims are way too much, unnecessary, and actually harmful for the country in the long run.

Trust me, it's actually a joke compared to the tax burden of a welfare craziness going on in my country of origin (France) which can't escape having its "best healthcare" (complete myth) going bankrupt as well for the very same reasons that threatens to last and continue to harm here in the US if someone like Ron isn't elected ... soon enough.

Never surrender, People. Here are the two types of foes in America I can see, as it doesn't take a genius for me, after 40 years of similar "misfortune" I saw happening in France : (i) the clueless, irresponsible ones who think always more welfare, more government might work for America or is "a cool new thing to try maybe", or, on the other side, (b) the warfare / military / greedy corporate capitalism all for a status quo of an ever increasing coziness between giant corp and gov lobbyists.

Actually, both are for the long and very long term irresponsible, dangerous and utterly irrespectful to the Letter AND Spirit of your founders' Constitution for the USA, just via different paths, but leading to the same disaster : destroyed currency, everybody (but a handful of sickening wealthiest) going poorer and poorer, a honest hard working people struggling more and more on a market less and less free.

I saw the socialist govs DESTTROY my dear France economy for 21 years (1981-2002). Then I saw a Romney-like right wing take over fixing practically nothing, just pretending to put people back to work but instead just making sure their biggest corporate buddies can have their big money safe once placed OUT OF our economy. Yeah, you know the offshore/outsourcing thing whenever that works for the corp, but "who cares for the country jobs?"

Yes : I'm striving to live my american dream here, because I *know* most of America I see everyday in the street, if one asks me, is pretty compassionate, civilized, and doesn't need the gov laws to give to charity. Redistributing health by enforcing it done via federal power .... is the best way to bring everybody lower and encourage the cheaters milking an unfair system. No one don't you dare telling me I don't know it (see above for the 1981-2002 years I lived in my country) The USA MUST remain the land of opportunity where the success from HARD work, ideas, volunteering and initiative/entrepreneurship is enabled thanks to the greatest, simple, most common-sense oriented constitution ever imagined. That one which makes Liberty and freedoms of life, speech, and property, INALIENABLE rights FROM the start, INDEPENDENTLY of the agenda of the government.

America : you are the tangible nation our most compassionate Liberty lovers in France dreamed to have contributed to enable somewhere, 200 years ago, and as opposed to the societies thought of or ruled by retarded kings of tyrans or crazy minds like Marx who thought mankind could be put in the dry maths equations of overpowered government DENYING, at the end of the day, the very RELEVANCE of such inalienable rights, by very construction of their schemes.

Ron Paul's current shouting and spirit is ALREADY part of your history and legacy : always remember he had stood almost alone for so long before you, among the Great American People, finally noticed him because you can READ and LISTEN (unlike others) and DESPITE the disgustingly unfair game of the rest of MSM, status quo/ego lovers, etc, such as that "Mrs R."

I wish all my heart the rest of America you're whistling to won't miss this opportunity to have Ron Paul or his ideal enable the restoration of America NOW or ... well, ASAP.

Keep the faith! Warmly, and Sincerly,


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