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You did great

We all learn from our mistakes. Don't beat yourself up about this. I'm glad you let us know.

But I would like to give you something to think about. You said you didn't want to pursue any action on this possible fraud, it was only 3 votes.

Well, 3 votes here and 3 votes there, spread out over 1,700 precincts... adds up to? 5,100 possible fraudulent votes. Ron Paul came in 3rd by just under 4,000 right?

Also, think about this. We have losing our Constitution or the ability to restrict our Government by incrementalism. They have been chipping away at it for decades, if not for over 100 years.

No one would notice 3 here or 3 there, right. But 3 in almost every precinct adds up to a huge number.

I wish every single Ron Paul supporter that was involved in the process would report any discrepencies to the Campaign. Or get together and write down all the discrepancies, no matter how small.

Did you know that CNN waited forever to get the last precinct numbers? They called the head lady for the numbers, wondering why there was a discrepancy. She had to go to the other lady's house that called in the numbers to the state or whereever, and wake her up to get the numbers. Edith and Carolyn I think were their names.

John King tallied the numbers the ladies gave him and Romney won by 14 according to his numbers. However, when the head guy of the GOP finally got out of bed, got dressed, drove to the place to announce the numbers that were apparently missing. He said Romney won by 8.

CNN didn't push it from there. They just accepted it. Soooo, I think there was something odd going on. Several posts on DP verifies it.