Comment: Responsibilty is ours...results are God's.

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Responsibilty is ours...results are God's.

With that subject line, you would think I was an evangelical member of the religious right...and I am. Begin such, there is only candidate who is my dream candidate...only one for who I can vote...and that is Ron Paul. You see, at its most basic level, I can only vote for someone who is honest. Honest enough to vote to uphold the constitution he has sworn to uphold. It isn't about voting against or in spite of the constitution when it suits what you like and voting with it when it suits you. It isn't about compromising sometimes or in some ways. It is about an oath, a vow.

That said, every other person in the GOP field has proven they are dishonest. Just off the top of my head, the issue of foreign policy proves this. Even if one WERE for war with iraq, IRan, Libya or anywhere else, that one ought to be saying, "Look, we need to do what we can to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, but for me as president, my hands are tied by what the Congress decides to do." Did Michelle BAchmann do that? Did Rick Santorum do that? Anyone else? Of course not. They run circles around the constitution and the oath they would take because they are (whether they realize it or not) dishonest. Of course, guys like Santorum have a long track record of being dishonest and voting against the constitution whenever they vote for big govt programs like Santorum has.

All that is said so that you have to think that of course there will be many of their followers which are dishonest as well. I mean, all the candidates but PAul and Romney made the VA primary ballot legally and honestly. Now every other one wants to go all Al Gore and circumvent the rule of law and integrity. So don't be surprised when many try to do likewise which are their disciples.

What we need to do is follow the example of Dr Paul and not ever fall into the temptation of being dishonest ourselves, even if it suits our desires. For if we do, we are really no better than "Roberta" or "Gary" or the "Blue blazer man."