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Comment: Candance,

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I think that Spacehabitats is playing it smart. He has a local reputation to uphold, and it was a very smart move on his part to play the cards the way he did. Bravo!

I, on the other hand, have no reputation to uphold in that community, and felt it would be my obligation to put a face to a "name" since "Roberta" the snake could slither into any future caucus or primary as she did this one. I am simply filling in the blanks that he did not (and should not, smart move). This information shall fall on me, not Spacehabitats. It is in his best interest to deny any correlation between what he said and what I said.

My objective of the "reveal" was for each and every one of you to get a good look at that face, and if you see it in the future, be on guard!