Comment: Edward True And Appanoose County

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Edward True And Appanoose County

The final tally hasn't even been certified, but the fur is beginning to fly. * We now strongly suspect that the caucuses were rigged. The discrepancies are numerous and increasing as affidavits with photographic proof are becoming publicized. Iowa's GOP blew it by colluding with the GOP establishment. The cost to Iowa's GOP will be immense even if the outcome isn't impacted significantly. What good is the first in the nation caucus if the results aren't trustworthy? It's clear that Iowa's GOP must look much, much closer at the results reported by the Election Pool. ;) Will we eventually see significantly different results when the vote is finally certified? I suspect that we might. ;) Let the firestorm begin...

* I'm NOT vouching for the specific case of Edward True as I don't know him or the accuracy of his claim. I'm speaking in general terms as more and more discrepancies in the vote materialize.