Comment: Mischaracterizing opponents will not aid our cause.

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Mischaracterizing opponents will not aid our cause.

I think trying to spin this as Romney being for the Vietnam draft is a mischaracterization unworthy of the Liberty movement. The article only shows that he was against the sit-in because it was interfering with the purpose of the school: "We were there to get an education and these people holding the administration hostage was antithetical to that." There is no evidence here he opposed people speaking against the draft, only the sit-in that was causing their school problems. The sign he is holding in the picture even says "Speak out! Don't sit in!"

Note that while the title of the dailymail article says "Mitt Romney demonstrated in favour of Vietnam War draft", and the article makes the claim it was a "pro-draft" rally, it provides zero evidence of that claim. Not only is the sign Romney holding not a pro-draft sign, neither are any of the signs being held up by the other picketers. If there is evidence Romney was really pro-draft and not just anti-messing-with-his-education, then someone should point it out.