Comment: I don't doubt this for a minute..

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I don't doubt this for a minute..

...but the vote isn't even that important. It's basically a straw poll and it's not like it is some binding and official tally of anything. Its a dog and pony show. The delegatges are what is important and the vote has a small influence on the delegates, but nothing official. Even if the voter fraud was widespread, these aren't federal elections. These are party cuacuses. They aren't bound by any legal rules. They are just the way the political party does things, and to my knowledge, they can cheat if they want, it would just make them look bad. However, because nothing illegal was done, and this isnt' official voting, I don't think it will gather much moss. The thing that would probably get the most coverage from Iowa is when Ron Paul gets the most delegates from Iowa even though he finished 3rd in the vote. Our people stayed after the vote to actually become delegates and we should stand a great chance of having more delegates than Mitt or Rick, so people who don't understand the caucus will think we cheated. The press will cover that, but they'll have no reason to cover the voter fraud thing becuase they don't like Ron, and the votes are unofficial anyway.

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