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Comment: There were discrepancies with

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There were discrepancies with

There were discrepancies with both Santorum and Romney votes at varying locations. Someone suggested that the way they stole the election was that in various precincts they would alternate between stuffing Romney and Santorum votes. So toss in 20 votes for romney here and then 20 in for santorum there. Across the whole state this added-up to thousands of votes. The whole neck and neck thing just spells like a giant shit pile to me.

Here is the post from AJ:

“there was one county where there was a 20-vote mistake in my favor, but there was a 21-vote mistake vote in Romney’s favor.” Santorum

There it is. There’s the fraud. They were stuffing the boxes with BOTH names alternately across the state and wherever they got found out is were there were people keeping an eye out. So how many other precincts did they stuff? This is not the end of this.

I think this whole Romney/Santorum thing is about making the focus on this "close" race and suggesting that this vote count has been so investigated that there is no way that any rigging took place. I mean, CNN is calling people at 1:30 AM to find out exactly why the votes are not reported.