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Your Caucus findings

Yes, this must be done. There was fraud. In Allamakee-FV/TL/HF City GOP reports only a total of 28 votes, while Iowalibertydrummer witnessed 64. Please confirm, as I am writing a book on voter and election fraud. Missing are 36 votes. Mr. True of Moulton also recorded a discrepancy, in his caucus GOP reported 5 extra votes, besides the 20 switched from Santorum to Romney. Those votes were attributed to someone.

According to Andrew Griffin, whose article was published Jan 3/2012, Coralville 4 was follows:
R. Paul-34
M. Romney: 13
R. Perry: 9
Santorum: 8
Gingrich: 2
Huntsman: 1

That's 67. GOP precinct results list 72 voters. Please confirm if in any of your precincts the number of voters on your end match or vary from GOP. Thanks for your work.