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To whom it may concern,
The Ron Paul 2012 PCC hired our firm,, to investigate the source of a video titled "Jon Huntsman's Values." The video can be found online at After researching the available evidence, we believe it is likely that the video came from a source within or closely tied to the Huntsman Campaign. We base this assessment on several factors which we present below. The image below shows "significant discovery events" as recorded by YouTube:
Of significant interest, YouTube shows that the first 12 visits to this video are from,
mobile devices, and a link from "" We thoroughly searched the site using Google for any reference to this link. None existed. Furthermore, we noted that the comment function of the site does not allow for hyperlinks, which would be required for YouTube to record the referring domain as Since no direct link to the video exists on, how could YouTube show as the referring site? Our best guess is that someone used a server on the domain (such as webmail) to read an email that contained the link to the video. It is also likely that the first mobile views at that same time originated from links in emails. Clicking on a link from a webmail system on would provide the needed headers for YouTube to record the link. Furthermore, investigating the account NHLiberty4Paul on YouTube and Twitter, we found that both were created the same day that the video was released. There is no reference to this handle in any public site, prior to the creation of this account, that we could find. Here is our proposed explanation of the events that happened surrounding the release and discovery of this video:
 Someone created or was given this video and needed a way to get it out.
 They created NHLiberty4Paul on Twitter, and on YouTube
 They uploaded this video on Youtube and sent out an email containing the link to this video on Youtube and the twitter post.
 Five mobile devices clicked on the link from the twitter link and from the email link generating the first 10 hits.
 One person using a webmail client at clicked on the YouTube link generating the first referral from
According to YouTube's stats for the video, before any real viewer activity, the video was nearly simultaneously referred from Twitter (presumably the tweet from NHLiberty4Paul), viewed on a mobile device, referred from a YouTube search, and referred from The very next day, January 5th, at 8:05am, Jon Huntsman appeared on CNN with Solidad O'Brien and states "Tell Dr. Paul that I owe him a tweet in return and he should be expecting one sometime soon." There could certainly be other explanations, however, based on the evidence above and the coincidental timing of the release and subsequent events, it seems likely that a party close to the Huntsman campaign posted and distributed this video impersonating a Ron Paul supporter in order to cast Ron Paul and his campaign in a negative light.
Please let us know if you have any further questions with regard to this matter. Sincerely,
Rob Ratterman

nomad, can you provide more info on the party change in Mass. I've been looking everywhere but can't find the specifics. Anyone else in Mass. know the party change rules and deadline. Please hurry, thank you.