Comment: Boston Committee of Correspondence & The DailyPaul Revere

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Boston Committee of Correspondence & The DailyPaul Revere

That is fitting; I had to read up on it to even know what it was. And picturing Michael in the Arlington library just completes the circle. I remember emails from Michael when he’d just shuffled to and from the Arlington library - in the snow; no stranger there, that’s for sure.

This campaign is more important than any before in American history because what is of what it is fated to reveal, not necessarily for what it can or can’t do politically.

The DailyPaul as the Boston Committee of Correspondence? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. And the other post Matt, that was ‘A Good Read’ – to me, this is the epitome of all that is wrong; that congress has already authorized battlefield use of tactical-nukes and that we are threatening to use them; justified by our ‘kill it before it grows’ mentality, the Doctrine of Preemption.