Comment: It's really quite simple

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It's really quite simple

I no longer believe in the "God" you described. But I adhere to the belief in natural rights. So I don't have a right to do anything I want.

It's real simple. Our rights are derived from the property we own. We own ourselves. We are our own property. From that we have the right to enter into contract with others, exchange, associate.

ANYTHING that doesn't violate another person or their property is not a crime. Acts one may consider immoral - say in your example, 'sodomy' - are not crimes if there is no victim.

Therefore the government does NOT have the right to arrest sodomites and adulterers.

What property was violated?

The problem with your approach to natural rights is that it's subjective. Maybe someone found a 'bible' that states eating pork is a sin(...hmmm.. where might I find that). So in that case you'd argue that government has the right to arrest anyone who ate pork.

No they don't. Assuming this pork wasn't stolen, there was no violation of a person or their property.