Comment: Brilliant article - But don't confuse conservatism with neocons!

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Brilliant article - But don't confuse conservatism with neocons!

Go back to William F. Buckley.

Yeah you can say he was a libertarian...and in essence he was.

But there is a place for conservatism ("conserving spending!!!!!!!!).

Don't paint with such a broad brush where you say conservatism is from Thomas Hobbes and incompatible with TJ and every other founding father libertarian.

Thomas Hobbes is really the force behind NEOconservatism, but not necessarrily paleo-conservativm.

Thomas Hobbes was pretty much a legal positivist by default. Sounds like a modern day liberal if you ask me.

Die hard conservatives (laugh if you want) like Sarah Palin, and yes, even Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter are closer to Locke than Hobbes but they are not astute enough to recognize their philosophical underpinnings of why.

Look, I HATE the beliefs of Thomas Hobbes. They are mega-destructive. If he was alive today I would tell it to his sorry face.

Certainly people like Newt and others are a continuation of the Hobbesean fraud.

But that is peanuts compared to the Hobbesean NeoCon scam that is the Democratic party who, abdicating any responsibility whatsoever, is pretty much Thomas Hobbes incarnate.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

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