Comment: You for real?

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You for real?

Seriously "worthingtons" I question your reasons for particpating in Dr.Paul's campaign? You don't think older folks are affected by the issues in your comment? No I don't have a student loan, do you? Why would you take out a student loan? Did someone put a gun to your head? Dr.Paul promotes self resposibility, prudence,indepedence. 15 trillion in debt doesn't effect the older generation? We all use the FRN as the medium of exchange, devaluation & inflation decreases purchasing power and ends up being a backdoor tax!With regards to war, why are these young folks signing up? These people need an education not an M-16 -a majority come from the middle to lower class. Housing bust killing young people? I'm 52 years of age and I'm BARELY holding on to my home. High unemployment? I'm one of them. Loss of liberty effects ALL regardless of age! Social security sucks, it's a gamble. Hopefully your generation can opt out. Wow, "the older people enjoy life like no other" you're so out of touch with that statement! "Worthingtons" you are divisive and are alienating other Dr.Paul supporters! I think you're missing the message of the campaign. ALL Dr.Paul supporters must come together regardless of race, ethnicity, relegion, sexual preference etc. We must lock arms and block the status quo. You may want to consider another candidate.

nomad, can you provide more info on the party change in Mass. I've been looking everywhere but can't find the specifics. Anyone else in Mass. know the party change rules and deadline. Please hurry, thank you.