Comment: Possibilities: Bachmann, Palin, conservative celebrities

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Possibilities: Bachmann, Palin, conservative celebrities

Several candidates are total neocon sellouts: Newt, Cain, Trump. They'll never get behind Paul.

Others are too full of themselves to back someone else: Santorum, Pawlenty,

Huntsman? He'll back his Mormon brother.

But if some others (newbs) wake up to and are shocked by the neocon reality, we could get some support.

Palin has already shown some signs of waking up by backing Rand Paul.

Bachmann seems very principle minded and conservative in some ways.

But really we need conservative celebrities, politicians, businessmen, etc. to get behind Ron Paul...and we need to do it now. In particular, we need them shouting what a farse the political system and the media is.

Is there not one brave celebrity, politician, businessman other than the Rands willing to put their career on the line?