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This Works Seriously

Just made a group of Neocons who were staunch supporters of the Wars convert to Dr. Paul. I also made them look really bad. Use this technique it has work a few time to convert Neoconservatives.

Many so-called Conservatives are staunch advocates of military intervention arguing that the libertarian stance of non-interventionism is “dangerous.” How can a group of individuals pay lip service to the ideas of small limited government yet endorse pathetic attempts at long term foreign adventurism? If you claim to be a small government conservative you must ask yourself what is important to you. If anyone ever questions the military involvement and the strategies, they are labeled unpatriotic. We as libertarians are miss represented when categorized as Anti-War. By know means are we Anti-War, call me crazy, I am a believer in the Constitution. If we face a Nation that is a beserious threat, Declare War, and Lets Get Those Bastards!!! We as libertarians believe in our Nations sovereignty, and our autonomy, which derives from the existence of natural rights not from the United Nations. If war is declared we then crush our enemies beyond repair, then we return home. The difference between our foreign policy and that of the liberals is based on our interest not the interest of the country that we are engaging with in war. The neoconservative movement harbors tree hugging humanitarian nonsense that liberal-wanna-Conservatives are constantly involving us in, this is plain and simply “nation building.” When we leave Afghanistan we will have been there almost 12 years, which is utterly pathetic. If we are going to fight a war, declare it, win it, and get the F*ck out of there. (This is the important part when arguing with neocons, one must make them look like cowards and liberals.) If you want to build schools, roads, and help the people of Afghanistan create a better Nation, join the F*cking Peace-core. I am sick of paying for education and social programs for people in this country let alone the people of the nation of Afghanistan.