Comment: Public's Perception?

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Public's Perception?

Great victory in NH! It was truly a fantastic day for liberty. However, I'm concerned about Paul's perception to many voters because he speaks about much needed changes to the status quo, but rarely about his being president, and almost never about defeating Obama. This is one thing that the average Republican is desperate to hear and they're not really getting that. I'm concerned that it subconsciously creates a sense that he's not "in it to win it".

For example, in his speech last night (which was fantastic btw), he sounded more like a rally leader than someone running for the presidency. Everything was "we" are accomplishing this and "we" need to do that, but never made statements like "I will defeat Obama", "I will be your next president", "On to the White House", etc.

The media has picked up on this and is running with it, saying that Paul only wants to "make a statement" or "change the party platform" but isn't serious about being president. I think that if he just made more statements reaffirming the fact that he wants to win the presidency it would help him immensely in the voters' minds. Surely the campaign staff recognizes this?