Comment: I Really Like Jon Stewart, But...

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I Really Like Jon Stewart, But...

First off, Judge Napolitano is awesome. As he demonstrated in this clip, he is a fierce advocate for the Ron Paul Liberty movement. Everyone should buy and read his book, "It's Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong."

Second, I have been a big fan of Jon Stewart's for a long time. He's performed a great service to the country by shining a humorous light on the foibles of politicians and calling BS on the junk that so often passes for journalism these days.

However, both he and Colbert are covering for Obama far more than they should be. Obama has been a disaster for civil liberties, government transparency and military non-aggression.

Torture. Extra-judicial assassination of citizens. Indefinite Detention of citizens. The SOPA internet kill switch. And the list goes on.

These are major issues that can't simply be laughed off or explained away, and Stewart's audience is waking up to this sobering fact. If Stewart himself doesn't start doing a better job of opening his own eyes and facing the truth, he's going to start sliding into irrelevance.

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