Comment: Keep in mind, you can also use 2008 Ron Paul signs, you just

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Keep in mind, you can also use 2008 Ron Paul signs, you just

have to paint over the 2008 w/ a color that matches the rest of the sign. You dont have to put a 2012 on it. Please also keep in mind, its alot easier to use bumper stickers over again/ put them on a different car if you don't remove the adhesive on the back & tape them on, instead. Use clear tape. Make sure you have extra sign posts, like 25 posts for every 20 signs. They are very easily broken when trying to put them in the ground. You could try putting water on the ground before putting the sign in, if the ground is too hard. It is further recommended that the parallel post touches the ground, to make sure its all the way in, if you have horizontal wires. The sign should go as far in the ground as it can while still being able to clearly see it. You don't want the wind to knock it over. Its not bad to smack the sign once its in to make sure it stays up & doesn't fall down. Try putting 5 gallons of water at the area you want the signs to go into, then coming back at least a day later to put the sign down, or, just wait until it rains/ snows, a day afterwards. Stretch 1st before pulling the signs up, don't hurt yourself. You need to be available for continued campaigning. You should paint over as many signs as you can, IF ITS CHEAPER TO DO THAT THAN BUY NEW SIGNS. Why shouldn't Paul's campaign be known for frugality & effectiveness?

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.