Comment: Stewart and Colbert are both true believing progressives.

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Stewart and Colbert are both true believing progressives.

They will not embrace the libertarian philosophy, at least not in the foreseeable future.

Jon, in particular, however is very interested in the mechanations of the banksters. He is primed for an education in Austrian econ, if we could ever get him to study it a bit.

The other night, he singled out Ron for talking about Austrian economists to cheering crowds - he likened it to wandering into a Jimmy Buffet concert and wondering why everyone had a parrot on their head. Clearly there is a well-understood baseline amongst the faithful that is hard for outsiders to suss. He rattled off a bunch of the favorites: Von Mises, Hazlett, Austrian economics, mal-investment, etc. And he said, "really - I had to look these up to get them right" The point is that he doesn't have a conversation vocabulary in these ideas, even still. Even though he has been quite interested in the banking mess and the causes of the sudden recession.

So I think he could learn quite a bit about the Austrian perspective without having to swallow the whole libertarian philosophy. And it would do him a world of good if he could start seeing broken window fallacies and recognizing the pure idiocy of Krugman and the rest.

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