Comment: So happy to have Super Brochures mailed to SC.

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So happy to have Super Brochures mailed to SC.

Greenville & Berkeley counties were the only 2 counties out of 46 total counties that were not completed with the Super Brochure project.
I do have to wonder, with Ron Paul having not started his campaigning there until today, how much those Super Brochures have already played in being an impact so far.
A few weeks ago, I could have sworn that I saw Ron Paul at around 4% in South Carolina, and now I've seen polls showing him around 12%... without campaigning there yet.
I know the momentum from taking 3rd and 2nd most likely have played a factor too, but I think these Super Brochures have already been playing a big role so far.
We made sure to finish Charleston & Horry counties too, which are hosting the 2 GOP debates in SC.
I can't wait to watch the numbers rise for Ron Paul, and fall for the other RINO's over this next week and a half.
Get those signs to SC! Let's see a rise from 6th to 1st in SC. I really feel like it's anybodies game, and the more ground game, the better, as has been seen by Santorum in Iowa, and Huntsman in New Hampshire.
Let's win this state!