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Good Experiences for Me, Helpful Function

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that, Slipmatwax. I've not had poor experiences. Each time I've gone into chat I've found people chatting away about what you want to talk about, Ron and politics. I recall a couple times there were short conversations about sports, but there were no long conversations about sports or anything else tangential.

As for rude behavior, ignore the casters of that behavior. Drag your cursor over someone's name without pressing a button. A box should appear. In that box should be someone's name, state and the word "chat" and the word "ignore." If ignore isn't an option, locate the person's name in the name list on the right of the screen (where I assume it is for everyone) and put your cursor of it without pressing any button. The words chat and ignore should appear. When you see ignore, just click it and you'll be all set. You souldn't see his name, what he says or receive an invitation from him. I've not used that function, so I don't know if there's a way to retract the ignore function. Also, anyone can create rooms and headline them. So, if you want to talk about RP in Texas, create a room for example saying Texans Supporting RP.

I hope my explanations helped you, fellow DPer. If I can help you more, let me know. Take care and happy new year. :)

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