Comment: Great work Doug!

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Great work Doug!

It seems that speaking to the media hounds without permitting an interruption provides that "Presidential" aura that people speak about. It's what gives Romney his appeal. At the debates he is rarely interrupted by the hosts. It also seems that the television hosts are using their medium to behave like a radio host who hangs up on his guest and then proclaims his despise for the sentiments of his guest.

They have learned to disrespect their guests by interrupting them before they can answer. Chris Matthews asked Doug a great question. It just so happened that the answer was greater than anything one could interject, short of yelling "fire," so it sounded like Matthews was stuttering in the background as Doug told THE TRUTH!!!

It is a truly refreshing experience to hear the truth. Yes, it's bad news. The future is bleak and frightening when our people are being robbed and nobody talks about it. To hear someone passionately deliver the "bad news" is a wonderful thing! It means the whole world hasn't gone crazy! There IS hope!

When Romney talks over others he is just being arrogant. When Doug proclaims our case against corruption and does not allow the truth to be silenced it is courageous, and it gives us troops another dose of courage for the fight.

Thank you Doug!