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Comment: Here is Why Romney CANNOT Beat Obama!

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Here is Why Romney CANNOT Beat Obama!

Ladies and gents ... there is only ONE candidate in this race who can be Obama, and it's Ron Paul.

We know that Gingrich, Santorum, Perry and Huntsman have no chance due to lack of broad popularity and failure to get on all the ballots in all the states.

It is Paul vs. Romney.


The Obama team is just ITCHING to go up against Romney, because he is perceived to be the "rich, fat cat, Wall Street, greedy bastard who got us into this mess."

And back in 1994, when Romney ran for the Senate, Ted Kennedy put together a TV ad about Romney's company, Bain Capital, being BAILED OUT BY THE GOVERNMENT, WITH ROMNEY & FRIENDS POCKETING MILLIONS.

That ad NEVER AIRED because it was not needed by Kennedy. But you can bet the Obama team is just waiting in the wings to start running it, over and over and over and over ...

Here is the ad:

This will NOT FLY with MANY Americans. If the Republicans are foolish enough to nominate Romney, HE WILL LOSE.

ONLY Ron Paul can beat Obama!

This needs to be THE MESSAGE.