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First these people are not even journalist, So never believe them.

QTN: Is this one of the highlights of your career?
The question looks like sarcasm and tries to demean the congressman but he answered it spot on. It certainly is a lot of people supported him. And highlights like this will keep on getting bigger as the idea and the message spreads like wild fire.

QTN:Are you most stunned of demographic and getting the kind of voter you had and getting 50% of young vote while u are 76 yo?
Really? Not only AGEIST and discriminating but they are trying to dismiss all the young voters (18-30s) Now you watch in the coming weeks how huge the young voter of this country is. It was the same demographics that propelled OBAMA in the white house believing for CHANGE, END THE WARS, BRING THE TROOPS HOME, OPEN GOVERNMENT, END GUANTANAMO and what happen? We were duped the whole world was duped into believing. He even got a NOBLE PEACE PRICE in 2009 Can you believe that? We rather have a truthful, honest, consistent PRESIDENT than someone who pretends and do the opposite.

QTN: 2008 you are 5th in South Carolina and you got 10% and it's conservative expert say how will you do there?
RP will cut the budget. Cut a Trillion. Real cuts not cut from the proposed increase. Watch SC prove them all wrong. This time we will never believe what the MSM will say we have to believe.

QTN: Some of your supporters are causing turmoil?
Right to demonstrate and be polite. If they break laws and practice civil disobedience they do it on their own risk but it is a civil right. If they come and see and look our young people. It's unfair to judge us with some ppl that acted online. It's irrelevant question we rather focus on the issues.

QTN: You believe some people call you kookie? It's very inappropriate question I can't believe this.

RP answer they can't defend themselves intellectually. Pointing out senseless wars in numerous country without permission in the congress. American are sick and tired of this and now waging war in Africa That's kookie. Stop twisting the minds of your viewers and conditioning not to look for Ron Paul.

RP is Truly a presidential candidate with integrity.

RP 2012.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."