Comment: And here's where I get a wee bit 'confused'...

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And here's where I get a wee bit 'confused'...

To which Tea Party "Branch" do you refer? I absolutely was a Tea Party Member/Supporter, and then I began to watch as the GOP tried to co-opt it...and then other splinter groups popped up. (I can count four just sitting here.) So, when I hear that the "Tea Party" endorsed someone, I always wonder...WHICH ONE?! The one that quoted from THIS site as they endorsed someone else...and sent the email out to their HIGHLY select group - who, so I've read -cancel someone's membership if his name is mentioned? (Was a 'whoops' that it got sent to a website that PUBLISHED IT... including the info on their Founder.)

And I've a feeling the 'original' Tea Partiers...inspired by RP...are probably on Daily Paul - just as I am!

Susie 4 Liberty