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Comment: FOUR BIG OIL COMPANY ENGINEERS have converted to Ron Paul

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FOUR BIG OIL COMPANY ENGINEERS have converted to Ron Paul

where we live!! They are all ENGINEERS with over 20 years experience, the 4 people, essentially 8 total with THEIR spouses. It started with introducing the concept of Ron Paul the last election, but nobody wanted to vote for him, because they bought into the Media propaganda.

So, why the change now?

Ron Paul is right. The country IS changing. These high calibre engineers are fed up with the Republicans AND the Democrats, although they always leaned towards the Republican Party. However, it's the politicians' own fault, as they keet doing stupid things like NOT READING THE 1,000 page CONGRESSIONAL BILLS before voting on them. Nobody liked hearing that, since they have to work so hard for their own living! They all complained how worthless the politician's are, and how corrupt they are in taking the word of a "lobbyist" and having faith in them when passing bills that affect our entire nation! The engineers just couldn't get over that fact.

They ESPECIALLY didn't like the BANKING BAILOUTS & the Multi-billion dollar Wall Street bonuses~~none of them liked that at all. These people aren't stupid, and they don't have a hard time seeing the truth of these banking executives, and their knowledge also increased about the Federal Reserve. Of course, I talked about all these things anytime I could get a chance. But, just wanted to share this with you all.

These people lead very busy lives, oftentimes working 60+ hour weeks, so for them to start opening their eyes, and for the government entities to be doing things that drew attention to themselves, well, these are the kind of people you DON'T want to start asking questions. Engineers, once involved, are relentless with finding out what exactly is going's good to have them on our side!!