Comment: Charlie Rose is also a member of my fraternity

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Charlie Rose is also a member of my fraternity

I wholeheartedly agree that economic integration and the policy of war for peace is promoted by those groups. But not every CFR member is a utopian collectivist secretly employing machinations for a future world political union.

Undoubtedly and unknown to most, they all aide and enables those policies. They foolishly think they are doing the right thing. Tis is the way to manipulate man into doing evil deeds. Road to hell paved with good intentions etc.

But individually they are not evil. They know not what they do. Charlie Rose is one of the rare places on TV to get full unfettered interviews with people. He's not an evil person. Maybe educated by propaganda and a victim of the foreign policy establishment but he is not a bad guy.

Check out for activism and news.