Comment: Don't tell that to Rush Limbaugh

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Don't tell that to Rush Limbaugh

Despite this being an attack by the neocon talk radio icon on Romney, he also attacks Ron Paul too!

Limbaugh said he was interested in Paul’s placing second in New Hampshire, and says Romney wants Paul to stay in the race and not drop out, suggesting Paul will help clear the field for Romney by siphoning away votes from other contenders.

"Fifty-seven percent of the voters that voted for Ron Paul were not Republican conservatives. And that’s one of the things that I wanted to see," he said.

"Everybody is urging everybody else to get out of this except for Ron Paul. They want Ron Paul to keep pounding away at Santorum and Newt. They want Ron Paul to continue to get big numbers and take away any high second- or third-place finishes from Santorum or Gingrich or Perry or anybody else. The powers that be realize the monkey wrench that Ron Paul represents. Ron Paul is a conservative killer. Ron Paul kills the conservative vote, and the Romney camp wants him in there."

Somehow I think all those Oxycontin pills he abused have come back to bite him! Then again Limbaugh NEVER GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! Limbaugh, the godfather of the talk radio mafia as Mike Church calls these neocon saber rattlers!

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