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it is not about whether one

it is not about whether one individual soldier is good or not. The point is moral blindness that someone allows themselves to used in such a manner.

side note: wile i never joined (i refuse to call government jobs "service") the military, i was a USMC brat. Not just one hitch, or two. My father was a 25+ year career Marine. I lived on many bases. saw the results of the Viet Nam occupation. no different than today.

The bottom line is each one of us is responsible for EVERY single action we take of our will. This is a very hard fact that needs to be acknowledged.

What has to be understood is that even if one kills someone in an occupation who is resisting the occupiers, it is still murder to kill him. The occupied have the moral upper-hand.

this is why (especially at this time) i hold each person responsible for their individual actions, because NO ONE forced anyone to join and do these things.

are there good men in the military? it all depends on how you define "good."

I judge actions not people, but people are no more than their actions.

Was a little 102 lb female secretary in a German government bureaucratic office that organized files of the Jewish citizen for the Third Reich a patriot or aiding and abetting evil?

She probably thought she was doing her patriotic duty. I'm sure the Wehrmacht had plenty of good men in it's ranks too. ...but it didn't stop what happened.

Picture, if you will, if you are a Christian and you are standing before GOD himself, and GOD asks you "why did you kill those 45 people in Iraq,and violate my Commandment?" You answer that you "were simply doing your duty and serving your country."

It is not a condemnation of any individual, but rather a heart felt plea to get people to re-examine their moral premises. God can forgive the worst acts a human can do, but only if the person truly acknowledged the sin. People will change (and that should be admired and accepted), but their past actions are written in stone.