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Comment: raised by a herd of brainwashed sheep

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raised by a herd of brainwashed sheep

... I was always uneasy with the concept of "progressive taxation". How is that fair? I asked... the Dems had no logical answer. If I succeed in business I'll be penalized to a greater and greater degree - the better I do the higher percentage I have to pay? For what? To pay for ever-larger and more complex "programs" to carefully manage and neatly arrange every second of my life as they see fit? Where can I "opt out" of this madness?

The majority of my family work for government - and they remain unable to this day to morally defend progressive taxation, AND some of them allow for the possibility that 100% taxation might be a good idea? WTF ? Are all Democrats really just closet communists effecting a secret agenda to overthrow our Republic and install a "great leader" operating a "benevolent dictatorship" "for the greater good" ?

( no, mostly just clueless followers of paid liars like NPR and PBS and WaPo... )

So the Democrats I know drove me away from their ideas by the simple fact that they cannot defend their own positions in a logical manner, they know very little about economics and what they do think they know is flat-out wrong. They have "flexible" morality because they're not grounded in a belief in a higher power. The ends justify the means for these spineless jellyfish. They think that God is just a fairy tale for children and "really smart people" are "spiritual not religious" which is another way of saying "the only reality is what I can see and touch"... keeping them apart from true spirituality and enlightenment.

Because these godless communists are now on-board with destroying our republic and installing a dictatorship ( this has already happened / just waiting for the next huge false-flag black-op to kill enough Americans to frighten the rest into agreeing with total martial law ) this nation teeters on the brink of falling to the forces of evil and darkness.

The Illuminists ( who brainwashed Democrats STILL think are a "conspiracy theory" ) have a very detailed plan to:

• methodically destroy the world economy
• trigger "IMF riots" in the decaying economic environment
• use the chaos to justify their "New World Order"
• use the chaos to install martial law dictatorship in America
( once the US military is completely globalist-controlled then the evil will become obvious )
• reduce the world's population by 6.5 billion souls
( this is already well under way using widespread toxins, low-level radiation / chemtrail spraying, cancer-causing vaccines, water additives like fluoride and food additives like bromide that cause cancer and brain fog, deliberately bad health advice such as vastly too-low RDA for essential things like Iodine, depleted soil / mineral deficiencies, etc etc )
• eliminate all dissent through FEMA "re-education" camps
• tightly control the remaining population in prison-cities
• tightly control human reproduction
• the Illuminsts' plan was revealed by one of their own back in 1931:

From the 1946 forward ( page xi ):

"Only a large-scale popular movement towards de-centralization and self-help can arrest the present tendency towards statism."