Comment: Values vs. Methods

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Values vs. Methods

"Conservative" can mean one's values: thrifty, preserving history, culture, and property (from change), rule of law, saving for and investing in one's own family needs, etc.

Just as "liberal" means sharing, giving, being generous, and having an interest in new cultures, new experiences, and tolerance for others being different.

"Libertarian" can mean a set of values, too, but it doesn't have to. Politically, "libertarian" simply means that one wants to preserve one's right to one's own values, whatever they are, by giving up the idea of government mandates.

The Founders were conservatives, liberals, authoritarians, and libertarians, who realized that the only way they could exercise their own values freely was to have a libertarian style government that would allow them each to do so.

All you have to give up is the idea of using government to force your values on others.

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