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Comment: Shaming her was the right thing to do.

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Shaming her was the right thing to do.

I don't feel sorry for this "objective" journalist one tiny bit. Why shouldn't viewers and voters speak their mind about those "journalists" who are part of the propaganda machine? The MSM is evil and is responsible for promoting a very evil agenda of wars and economic warfare on the middle class. They need to have all their shenanigans and inconsistencies pointed out. These people, even the lady who was a bit emotional, did not appear as crazed and hateful idiots but as frustrated individuals who took the time to call Bash out on her bias. It was actually good for her to see that these people were normal people from every age and background and not crazed people sending hate emails. They all covered important aspects of her bad reporting and if that is the kind of reporting she opts to do then she will hear about it from those who disagree with it. If she can't take the heat for her opinions then she shouldn't give them. I hope people will continue to call her out on her propaganda and will share the criticism with any other reporters who are part of the propaganda machine. The disinformation is wrecking our country.