Comment: How government screwed up our food...

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How government screwed up our food...

I was already a Ron Paul fan when I watched these, but if you haven't realized how badly our government has screwed up our whole nation's food system, I recommend you watch the following "foodie" documentaries, all available via Netflix streaming:

- Beer Wars. How government distribution laws nearly left us with only crappy generic mass-produced rice-filled beer.
- King Corn. How government farm subsidies have overloaded the nation's food supply with inedible corn, and made it so small corn farmers have to take government subsidies to survive.
- Food, Inc. -- Shows lots of things wrong with our food system, makes it clear the government can't/won't fix it and how we as individual Americans need to fix it through, well, basically Voluntaryist approaches.

Rothbard famously wrote, "What has government done to our money?", I'm waiting for someone like Joel Salatin to write "What has government done to our food?".