Comment: We have a lot of new

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We have a lot of new

We have a lot of new supporters/voters now!! This does NOT mean we have a lot of new donors or activists. This problem is nothing new, but it is a problem we need to figure out. I've tried on here, but threads just get burried with-in a couple of days and solutions aren't worked out...

Black this out and Tea-Party MB's did do fairly well though because a few thousdand of us knew about it weeks in advance and were able to promote it.

We need to all have a discussion on how to get supporters to join the money bomb efforts. And when I mean "we need to" I mean the whole online community, not just the maximum 100 people that'll read my post...

I have been thinking about producing a money bomb flyer, and selling them for cost by the 1000 to everyone on here, or sharing the artwork with those who can get them printed themselves.. Then carpet bomb our citys and towns with them..