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Comment: Problem with moneybomb

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Problem with moneybomb

The moneybomb is poorly advertised.
Americans don't see it in TV, don't hear about it in radio, don't read about it in newspaper. Even candidate itself, his staff, and widely known people who endorsed RP don't talk about it, when they have air and mic.
People who know about it and gave donations are the same people, now and ever. They gave what they could. Relative big donor population, but, compared to size of American nation, very small. You still have huge reserves but you don't know how to access it. You rely on Internet too much.
The moneybomb will be neatly covered when even people who don't like RP or don't care about him, will know about moneybomb, it's purpose, time of duration and name of website where everyone can look on results.
People like gambling. Why nobody is taking bets what value eventually will be achieved?
Event became routine and, therefor, it loses some of this appeal. It should become event again, the national event.
Then, you'll be surprised by the results.