Comment: the corrupt "elite" have a choice to make

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the corrupt "elite" have a choice to make

Their game is just about up. People are turning off their "programming" and turning on the Internet and talking amongst one another. That's new in our history, and the transformation will take no more than another couple of decades, and probably much less, as the more stubborn elderly offliners die off while the rest plug in.

Then "They" are screwed.

RP right now is ascending, and the RPR is picking up steam. Kill RP now and They create a martyr -- for several million military vets, intelligent and independent thinkers, and survivalist types -- and we're armed. Is that an ad hoc army YOU would want to galvanize against you?

I think Their best move is to take Their money and run. Vanish into the "jungles" of the world. Get while the gettin' is good. We've got a huge mess; we'll be busy cleaning it up.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.