Comment: great job! thanks

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great job! thanks

As I watched your video it gave me an idea.

If I was driving by and didn't know Ron Paul or what he represents.... what would get me to google him? Maybe every third or forth sign could briefly state a few memorable phrases? Like a flash card. Repetition is good.

Example:Sign#1-End the Federal Reserve= more $ in UR pocket. (a few Ron Paul signs in between) then sign #2
The Federal Reserve is privately owned-audit the Fed Res!
#3 Secret Bankers printing $ and lending it to you.
#4 Blame the Federal Reserve for this $$ Mess.
#5 The Federal Reserve is not Federal; Fed EX is not Federal.

Lots of "Ron Paul" signs in-between each "flash card sign"
Gear the signs toward the issues most prevalent in each location.
It would be a form of educating while driving, esp for older people who do not have the internet. People would need to stand with distance in between to give drivers time to read and absorb. (Like hwy billboards).
just a thought, thanks for listening and all of your great
efforts. The fight for Freedom brings people together.